Important note: MMPC is completely unsupported due to lack of a corresponding device.

Maemo Music Player Client

Player: Playing music with the new player interface. Quite similiar to the default Media Player GUI, no?

Wouldn't it be nice to control your MP3s from everywhere?
Wouldn't it be nice to have a wireless remote control for that?
And woulnd't it be nice to use your Nokia N800/N810 for all this?

Yes, it defnintely would be very nice!

So check out MMPC. It is a frontend for the Music Player Daemon. It is based on Gnome Music Player Client 0.13.0, and thus should contain most of it's features. MMPC is more a fork than a port.

Of course, for selecting songs from your MP3s collection, a stylus will be helpful.

But MMPC is more than just a port to the Maemo platform with hildonization etc.. The player interface got replaced and the new one is especially designed for maximum screen usage and - more important - specialised to be used as a remote control. To achive that, one important thing is that the basic functionality can be controlled via fingers, without the need to use the stylus. The interface is quite similar to the original Media Player GUI.

Testing and development was mainly done for the N800 and N810, but there are also success reports for the n770. There are even packages for the N810 as well as the N770 and N800.



Preferences: Tweak it as you like.

Just download mmpc from the Maemo Garage project page and install it via the application manager. An apt repository will be created soon. You will also need libmpd, which is also provided there.

Additionally, libglade2 is needed. You have three possibilities here:

  1. Install python2.5. It's provided by one of the standard repositories
  2. Turn on "red pill mode". This will give you a list of all installable packages and you can install libglade2 manually. Have a look at this page how to do this.
  3. Open an xterm and execute as root: apt-get install libglade2-0
That's needed because the application manager doesn't resolve the dependencies automatically if the package to install isn't included in some repository.

Changing volume.

Well, what's left to do is to install the Music Player Daemon on your PC where you have your MP3 collection. See the mpd section for details how to do this.



Fullscreen player and: No Stylus!

Please give me your feedback! This will be trigger for me to know how much work I shall put into mmpc. The more feedback I get, the more motivation I will probably have ;-)

Currently there is no support mailinglist or the like, so just write me directly:



Thanks to...

If you like to help me with supporting or enhancing mmpc, please contact me. I'm generally not good at artwork, so a website maintainer, or for instance, new play, pause, stop, etc. buttons would be helpful ;-) But any kind of hacking will help and would be welcome. Just go to the project page, create an account and request to join. Or write a mail.


Music Player Daemon

For all this to work, you need of course the core. You need a running Music Player Daemon on the computer containing your MP3 collection. This computer will play the music later on. But installing mpd should be easy. First step is downloading mpd from the mpd homepage. There are prepackaged rpms for openSUSE available at packman. Other distributions like debian should have packages, too.

So after installation you have to modify /etc/mpd.conf:

There is yet another possiblility. For managing your mp3s, you can even run the Music Player Daemon on the internet tablet itself. A working port is available for maemo, too.